Metallic carpentry design

M.P.L. is specialized in the complete design of steel structures in civil and industrial branch. The mission is to conceive and design any artefact with the revolutionary BIM methodology. Building information modeling means to elaborate a virtual artifact able to contain all the information necessary for the project. BIM means simply: doing things only once. The control of all the parameters and the temporal component of the project, including the countless variations often desired by the client, are the factors characterizing a BIM software.

with the BIM design, construction costs may decrease up to 30% thanks to the drastic reduction of design errors and construction management.

Interoperable Platform
involves the entire production chain from design to supply of materials, from plant engineering to construction management, from construction to management.

Soon mandatory
many European countries have made it mandatory in public tenders and many public administrations in Italy already consider it as a rewarding factor in the competition.

For this M.P.L. is equipped with cutting-edge software able to communicate with each other for an integrated turnkey project.

Structural and executive design of metal structures for service or support of equipment, including stepped and / or vertical stairs for access to walkways and / or maintenance with parapets or infill, design of walkways with stairs and handrails, tapes vertical conveyors and planes with hoppers and drainage channel, silos batteries, weighing hoppers, execution of bills for the procurement of materials necessary for the implementation of the project.

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